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A little bit about me...

I’m the curious health conscious plant-based foodie, wellness coach and recipe developer behind Including Cake. What first began as an extension of my creative lifestyle, became all encompassing after I completed a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition. This furthered my desire to empower others to get curious in reaching their optimal heath and I qualified as Holistic Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. My philosophy is also embodied in my Wholeplus range of healthy treats that I created to both satisfy your sweet tooth and compliment your healthy lifestyle.

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“I met Jo about a year ago and she’s been an excellent person to know. She’s knowledgeable and passionate and it comes through in her food. Jo doesn’t just say it, she embodies the healthy plant based lifestyle. She knows first hand what an immensely huge factor the fuel you use for your body has on....everything. Mood, energy, life longevity; the list goes on. I have tasted many of Jo’s creations and Wholeplus is a winner. Any consultation I have, I throw Including cake into the conversation so clients can see first hand, the kind of food that makes you look and feel like a champion. Jo’s products tick every box. Healthy, tasty and creative.”  Toby - Personal Trainer