My 'WHY'?

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Who am I?

I’m a girl. I live in England. Though I may not be your average English girl. 

I’m jam packed with... creativity... curiosity... passion… determination… over-excitement… adventure… huge dreams… teamed with doses of self-doubt… fidgeting... impatience… and a mind that never stops whirring!

I created this website initially as a simple food blog in August 2011. At a time when I had a steady career in architecture but beneath the surface my world was in the throes of change amidst a re-direction in how I perceived my entire life and the world I was a part of. Sounds intense? Yup, it was!  

Healthy living and a sense of wellbeing had always been important to me but I’d never really appreciated what that actually meant. I needed to look deeper. Beneath the happy smile, my life felt superficial and I began to feel a growing sense of un-fulfilment with the 9-5 routine, external expectations, the 'labels' of society and the thought of ‘settling’ before I’d found out who I really had the capacity to become.

Time was getting on. There had to be more. This was my turning point... 

Much of this was triggered by a guy who entered my life at this crossroad. He did not play by the rules and to all intents and purposes he turned my perception of life on its head and threw everything I thought I knew up in the air. In putting together the shattered pieces I began to create life on my own terms for the very first time. My diet became plant-based, my creativity sky-rocketed and curiosity slowly but surely replaced fear. In January 2013 I quit my 9-5 career and leapt into the unknown.

This is my 'WHY'...

What began as a 'simple food blog' has since evolved into so much more than I could ever have imagined. I have grown and changed in so many ways, both mentally and physically and will continue to do so through questioning and exploring, through my innate sense of creativity and curiosity and not simply allowing myself to settle into the ‘superficial bliss’ of naivety and ignorance as once before. I tackle my inner frustrations head on instead of pushing them away to the back of my mind.  I embrace the journey and not just the destination. I have learnt to take a step back to re-frame, appreciating that less is often more and am slowly beginning to believe that I am already good enough. I am not perfect by a long shot, I fall off the wagon every single day but then pick myself back up and carry on, stronger and more empowered than ever before.

What first began as an extension of my personal lifestyle shift, became my passion and I completed a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition. My curious, creative mind opened wider than I thought possible, so I qualified as a Holistic Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and began supporting others others in exploring their own path to optimal wellness. I believe the essential ingredients for creativity are exactly the same for everybody: curiosity, courage, commitment, permission and trust - and those elements are universally accessible.


I'd love you to join me on this wellness journey.... a journey in getting curious and questioning everything (and eating good food in the process!)


So, Why Including Cake?

My perception of ‘Including Cake’ was originally all about the food. In transitioning to a vegan wholefoods lifestyle I was determined to prove to my doubters that life wasn’t about lettuce leaves and that I could still satisfy my sweet tooth! 

‘Naughty vs Healthy’ what if you could have both? This became my mission and the birth of my new love affair with food. The recipes I create are all vegan but also refined sugar free and gluten or wheat free. I am just as passionate about my nutritional basis, creating recipes and the inclusiveness of those recipes, today as I ever was…yet something else shifted along the way…

As my focus spread beyond the food itself and I questioned every aspect of my life, I realised Including Cake was a metaphor for life in a much bigger way than I could have ever conceived in those early days of tentative experiments.

‘Cake’ is the symbol of your desires, the things in your life that can so often feel just beyond reach, out of alignment or cloaked in compromise or guilt. ‘Cake’ is your pleasure, you true passion, your dream… the things that make you catch your breath with nerves, bring excited goose bumps to the surface of your skin, find tears of determination prickling at the corners of your eyes.

Because deep down you know you can have these things, when you dig deep and let your soul speak up. 

Because you can have it all… Including Cake, and I am here to hold out my hand, share my own journey and support you as you step out into yours.