My 'Now'

What Iā€™m doing right now...

This is my 'now' page. Quite simply a snapshot inside my world, with what has caught my attention and what I'm focused on at this point in my life in no particular order. It will be updated frequently.

I'm in Hertfordshire, England.

Enjoying celery and grapefruit juice having recently had a juicing frenzy.

Looking for a venue for a Hertfordshire Raw Retreat (may have found one finally!)

Being fascinated by exploring creativity and it's connection with a plant-based diet

Recently trying hot yoga for the first time.

Enjoying planning more collaborative events.

Fan Girling over Elizabeth Gilbert and over-indulging the use of a highlighter throughout the pages in Big Magic!

Creating new Wholeplus flavours and updating labels ready to launch.

Enjoying being coached in two different group coaching programmes I enrolled in this year for my personal development. 

Trying to master Miracle Mornings... it will be a game changer when I nail it!

Reading for a minimum of 15 minutes when I wake up every morning.

Early planning underway to host another retreat abroard for the end of the year.

Wondering where else I might travel this year.... after the adventures of 2016

Writing Anonymous Love Letters to #sharethelove as often as I can.

Eating too many 'Bliss Balls'!


(Page inspired by Zen Habits)

Last updated 25th February 2017