Only through the messy will we reach the magical…

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Life is the playground for connecting with our multi-faceted creativity...

The magical essence of who we really are.

I am a... Coach. Designer. Plant-based foodie. Firewalker. Nature lover. Writer. Fitness fanatic. Small-talk hater. Over-thinker and all round creative soul! 

I help people experience ALL of themselves through the power of food and mindset.

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Kind words…

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Join myself and a community of people committed to growth and to showing up authentically in ownership of our journeys. I AM... is a space to express who we are, who we are becoming or maybe who we are leaving behind. I AM... is a space of honouring moments, insights, shifts in thinking. I AM is a personal exploration in a space of love and safety. 

What is your 'I AM' in this moment? 

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There is a story behind this sign…

Ask me about if you like. I painted it at a moment in my life when I realised for the very first time that the life I wanted was right there waiting for me, once I gave myself permission to live it.

But right now this is about you, not me…

If you are feeling fired up and inspired I invite you to connect with me. Let’s have a conversation to explore the magical essence of who you really are and how you can harness more of it.


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