I am looking for two motivated 'Go-Getters'... 


I have just completed a juice cleanse. A reset, a kickstart for my mind and body. It felt like the perfect time as we enter Spring in full flow and as we roll into the second quarter of the year.

As I reflected, I had a strong desire to work 1-1 with two people over the next three months to create a kickstart in their lives on both a physical, mental and spiritual level. This would be a more intensive experience than my typical coaching package. It would involve full support, guidance and mentoring above and beyond the coaching relationship. We will go deep.

This won't be for everyone, but for the right person it could be life-changing. The catalyst to shift you out of living life in neutral, forever.

To be a good fit, you must:

  • Be willing to play full out and hold nothing back.

  • Have the time and space to commit to doing the work from May to July.

  • Be open to exploring a more plant-based wholefood diet (it doesn't have to be exclusive).

  • Have a powerful goal or mission that is beyond your comfort zone but potentially achievable within three months. (we can create clarity on what this would be during our initial call).

If this sounds like it could be you, I invite you to connect with me and we'll explore your goal and what working together could look like during an initial complementary conversation. This opportunity is open to all regardless of location. We would officially kick off mid May.


Curious to know more?

I recorded a video to share some of my thoughts around this program.

My passion for combining a move towards a wholefood plant based way of eating combined with mindset work is an incredibly powerful combination, based on my own life experiences. It is this passion I want to share with others - I know how life changing it can be. It literally creates space at a cellular level and space is what we need to order to allow new ways of being into our lives.

This is the first program I have launched of this kind, after having tapped into the power of plant-based nutrition with many clients and peers over the years more loosely as part of my coaching work. In this program I have created an environment for massive change, and I would love two people to step up and enjoy this journey with me. I am here to support you every step of the way!


This is a deep journey of personal discovery, and I will work with you before we kick off to ensure your goals and mindset reflects that. This is not a quick fix, this is not about 'getting a bikini body'. The impact will continue long after our three months together.

I fully expect it to change your life forever.

summer body rockstar.jpg

How will it work?

Before the programme starts, we will kick off with a powerful conversation to get clear on your goals for the duration, this also gives us a start point and a settling in period before the official start.

The programme will run from the beginning of May through to the end of July (12 weeks)

We'll work together for 60-90 minutes each week (12 sessions total). Our session calls will be mostly audio and sometimes video (or if you are local to me then some sessions can also be in person). I will be fully available to you by email/text etc above and beyond these session times.

I will provide coaching to facilitate your growth and also guidance and mentorship when it comes to food and nutrition, supporting you in getting creative when it comes to making health changes that best serve your growth holistically whilst also being super fun, easy and tasty... you simply have to look at my blog to get some idea of what is in store! ;-) (NOTE: you DO NOT need to 'go vegan', this is a focus of introducing more plant-based foods and reducing refined and packaged foods, there are no strict labels, rules or restrictions)


You will also have access to my full library of digital products to use on your own or to form part of our sessions as we move through.  (To see the more details click HERE or the image below... Fitfood and Not just For Goldilocks will also be included).



Curious to explore more?