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I AM A... Coach. Designer. Plant-based foodie. Firewalker. Nature lover. Nomad. Fitness fanatic. Writer & all round creative soul!

My mission in this life is to help you reconnect to your innate creativity, the multi-passionate parts of you. Teasing out the ‘golden thread’ that lies beneath it all, the secret sauce that makes you uniquely you. Allowing space and permission to show up from that place of natural flow and authenticity.

BUT, this can only happen when we drop down from the noise in our heads and reconnect with the 'why' in our hearts.

Are YOU ready to acknowledge and embrace All of who you are?

So, how did I end up here?

In 2011 my whole world was flipped on its head when I realised there was another way to live. It began with simple question I had never previously asked myself about the food I put on my plate. But when you question one aspect of your life, something that is so fundamental, it shifts you at a cellular level and unleashes an unstoppable ripple effect as you begin to question everything else.

And so it began.

Little did I realise at the time, that my choice to go plant-based would catapult me into a whole new dimension and set me on the journey to discovering my deeply spiritual, creative, authentic and most meaningful mission based life.

I began fervently writing, designing, thinking, questioning, creating and simply living my life by a whole new set of rules. My own rules.

I realised I had a voice and so I created an outlet for it, an opportunity to share my journey with the world around me, a journey that went way beyond the food on my plate.

Including Cake is my journey of transformation. An ongoing evolution. An acknowledgement that our ultimate creative expression is the way in which we choose to live our life.

Through changing how I ate, I changed how I thought. Through changing how I thought I changed how I act, through changing how I act, my whole world opened up in ways that previously had not existed for me.

Nutrition was my entry point, it was the place to come from, not the place to get to.

Whilst my journey may look empowering, exciting and inspiring from the outside I will let you into a secret. It was messy. A messy murky mire of scary uncertainty and shuddering overwhelm. Overwhelm that had me on my knees and scrabbling for an exit door that did not exist.

When you're in that space of transition and you don't know who you are or where you are even heading, everything feels so terrifyingly uncertain, and when you are travelling that journey alone the feelings intensify.

Having someone to have your back and create space for you to be whoever you need to be in those moments of overwhelm. Reminding you of your power and giving you permission that you can show up however you need to, however messy it might feel.... is priceless.

That's what I needed and that is the space I hold for you. That safe space to be messy unapologetically. That space to express and process everything swirling inside.

Over the years, bit by bit and at times achingly slowly, I honed my craft, my clarity and my confidence. I stepped away from my career in architecture and developed my skills as a writer and designer, I dropped out of my head and into my body and fell I love with the process of becoming.

I realised I had a powerful mission and a gift in helping others to tune in and give permission to own all of who they are. A gift in enabling that raw purity of self-expression in the world.

In recent years I was thrown another curveball when I realised I had ADHD. I'd spent a lifetime minimising, playing small, people pleasing and trying to cover up the 'too muchness' of my high energy. Trying to force myself into a box, to focus on one thing at a time instead of acknowledging all the creative energy that screamed out for attention.

Finally, I crashed and came to a point of surrender. A surrender in accepting ALL of who I am and drawing all of those strands together to embrace the multi-faceted, multi-passionate person that I has always been deep down inside.

In doing so I saw myself in a new light. Now, instead of berating myself for 'spreading myself so thinly' and 'diluting my talents' as I had always done in the past, I was able to see that there was indeed a golden thread, a powerful common core the bound everything together and in doing so strengthened the power within.

I could feel this acknowledgement rush through my entire being.

My mission in this life is to help people reconnect to their innate creativity, allowing space and permission to show up from the place of natural flow and authenticity. This can only happen when we drop down from the noise in our heads and reconnect with the 'why' in our hearts.

Are YOU ready to acknowledge All of who you are?

Pieces of paper that say stuff:

  • I am a qualified Holistic Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

  • I have a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University.

  • I received a scholarship to study with The Coaching Academy as a personal performance coach.

  • I am a qualified firewalking instructor – one of the most deeply self-empowering experiences than can be undertaken.

  • I have a first-class honours degree in design and architecture – creativity, and it’s application in the world, is the driving force of my life. Time after time I see that leaning into creativity as a tool for overcoming fear is an integral component of living a life of optimal wellness.

‘Including Cake’ is my journey, and I am here to hold out my hand and support you as you step out into yours.

If you are ready to take the reins, step away from convention, choose curiosity over fear and lean into the potential you feel burning inside... let’s book a time to talk and explore what is possible for you.