A little introduction

Hey, well this has been a while in the making!  Having spent a good few months amassing thoughts, recipes, ideas and inspirations it turns out there was just too much to fill one head… so I just figured that it might not be such a bad idea to begin a little blog (just to add to the millions already in existence, and the reason I know that to be true was in trying to come up with a blog name that was actually available!). So I guess this is most simply a diary of my day to day musings and experimentations, the little things that get me excited that I’d like to share…. and if I can inspire anyone else along the way, then feel free to get in touch....

...Go on- make me smile!

Well I know I have a ‘who am i?’ page, but just for the record, I am simply a girl in a world wanting to be the best she can. I don’t mean that in a self-righteous kind of way, but simply for me that starts with putting into my body food that brings optimum results, complimented by keeping physically fit (I’m such a fidget anyway that I don’t really have a choice in the matter). This impact is integral to my enjoyment and appreciated of life. So, for me it should be healthy food- but also yummy, satisfying, indulgent food! I never shy away from a challenge (although actually I can get a little too competitive and am prone to having a strop- but that’s a story for another time) and this was a challenge that I couldn’t let go.

The vegan lifestyle took me by surprise. It wasn’t something I had ever considered until a year ago, I guess simply because I’d never been exposed to it in a way that had meaning within my own life. But, then I met a boy, he was vegan. End of story.

Well, no actually that was just the beginning of the story.  He has inspired me in countless ways (probably more on that another time too!) but in the beginning I began to cook. Ironically although I’ve always been able to cook ‘a bit’ and enjoyed baking I’d never really taken to opportunity to really explore this side of me. Here was my ideal opportunity and I rose to the challenge. The boy is vegan for ethical reasons. I took time to consider my own thoughts on this, and concluded that whilst I fully appreciated the reasons for this moral choice, my decision to cook vegan food was largely based on the nutritional factors I was already, within a matter of weeks, begin to understand first hand. I had more energy, needed less sleep, had better skin, lost some weight (not necessarily intentional!) Basically I just felt more alive!

Ok, I admit I’m not perfect, but nor do I feel the need to be. I now see meat and dairy in the same way I see sugar and takeaways- ok once in a while and during social occasions etc but not something I want to become daily routine. It works for me. I also like the simplicity of the foods I eat, and whilst I may use various ingredients in my recipes generally the actual process of cooking is extremely simple, anyone can do it.

Yay, I’ve made it- my first post done and dusted! More to follow very shortly….