The boy and I often go for an evening walk, now the evenings are getting shorter these walks may soon become more restricted to my days off. A ‘walk’ evening generally depends on two main factors- the weather (ideally not rain- but we do live in England!) and also how achy we are from the gym, although to be fair even in those times a walk in the fresh air does the world of good.

One minutes’ walk from our front door leads us onto open fields, this is our playground of the seasons. … sunshine, puddles, sheets of ice to crack, cornfields, flowers and most of all glorious sunsets for our evening walks. Our usual walk takes us on a 5 mile round trip to the next village and back across the fields in a circuit. I am such a child when it comes to nature, I love to collect feathers, stones and  find ‘faces’ in the bark of trees. I am always on the lookout for the hidden gems that others would miss.

This evening, in the light of the slowly setting sun, I saw a glistening on the track ahead… droplets of water set on a fallen autumn leaf.

Beautiful nature at it’s finest.

jo hodsonComment