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My crazy pumpkin 'babies'

It hasn’t bypassed my attention that Halloween is just around the corner!

Blog-land has been full of pumpkin recipes to make your mouth water for weeks, but I have yet to join in the fun.  Don’t worry I have been keenly following all the developments and will be making my own pumpkin scones to share with my work colleagues on Halloween itself. I know this won’t be in time for you to have a go at making them in time for Halloween, but with all the ‘scary’ cake ideas already out there to choose from I figured this wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Pumpkin and squash will be in season for a while now so plenty of time to make these scones in the weeks to come. Plus what I have put together for you below will surely raise a little smile and make up for the lack……?

In previous years I have taken part in a pumpkin carving competition with work colleagues. It’s just a bit of fun amongst the team but it probably goes without saying that I do have a tendency to get just a little competitive!

A traditional carving- oh no, not for me!  But this is actually pretty simple and easily customisable- one pumpkin, a bag of satsumas and some embellishments and you're already halfway there!


(p.s what crazy pumpkin creations have you made for Halloween?)

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