A Mantra for Monday no. 3

"It's All About The Hyphen...Life! Of course. Reverend Ruth proclaimed it so this very morning on't radio show. Birth date, deceased date. And the piddly little hyphen in the middle, so understated. That IS life".

(extract taken from Chris Evans blog-Radio Two 11.01.12)

I heard this comment as I was in the car, on one frosty winter morning last week trundling along my usual route to work.  The radio was on low volume, I was only half listening as I drove along on autopilot.

These words caught my attention. They brought me back to reality. They made me laugh out loud with the irony.

I just really love the irony in the fact that the enormity of life can simply be summed up in the smallest and most insignificant ‘mark’. Don’t let the brackets surrounding your life, the brackets that mark your time here on earth, define you. Make your mark count!