'Inspired' in February

Happy ‘Leap Day’!

Every day…week….month, I come across some interesting, unusual and often amazing sources of inspiration. Some of the things that have inspired me are scribbled down or printed , cut out or tried out in the kitchen. But others often become brushed aside and can easily be forgotten in the rush of life.

I enjoy reflecting upon the paths my mind wanders and the large and small things that inspire me day to day. So, as a way to keep track of these thoughts and inspirations as the months pass I wanted to document a little summary of what I have connected with.

So here we have it, starting with ‘Inspired in February’. I’d love to hear your own thoughts about what has inspired you this month.

Main photo: The recipe that inspired you most this month was my chocolate chunk breakfast cookie winning recognition for the most traffic on my blog this month.

The China Study has changed my life and not simply this month.

The amazing sunlighton the hillside in Hereford

Florence And The Machine ‘Heartlines’ was on repeat last week as I typed up my notes

The Impossible Manifesto helps keep me on track

I finished reading  Plate to Pixel by Helene Dujardin and am inspired to try out her tips and techniques for food photography

Taking my interest in pole exercise to another level (more on that at another time!)

There is no denying the art in this performance

Art of another kind

I still can’t stop making this and this!

UpCycling never fails to make me smile….I love quirky multifunctional items.

I simply love this idea

Last but not least, credit to this blog and also this one who directly inspired two of my own creations this month.

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