Mantra for Monday no. 7

I love the simplicity of this poem. The wise, calm words give me strength of my own convictions and an understanding that whilst it’s important to listen to and appreciate what the people around us have to say and to learn from the experiences of others… this should simple serve as a benchmark in propelling ourselves above and beyond what is already known.

Anything can be.

When someone tells me I can’t, I shouldn’t, or it’s never been done…that only makes me want it more. Those words fuel our desire to challenge those beliefs in ourselves and our society, rekindling that innate flame of determination and discovery setting free our dreams and aspirations.

It words such as this poem that instil within me that sense of steely determination. In the moments of reading those words nothing can stop me. Tears spring to the back of my eyes. Hold onto that.


mindsetjo hodsonComment