Mantra for Monday no. 11

Ok, so this was a quote by me.  That thought has been at the forefront of my mind a lot in recent weeks. It’s often hard to go for what you know ‘feels right’ because the sense that others may not understand or not support you becomes overwhelming. Sometimes I find myself seeking a sense of validation from others when I am not strong enough to forge ahead with the sense of my own conviction.  This is an area of my life I am working hard on.  Self validation.

I had a lot of support but even then I felt a sense of ‘well wouldn’t it be better do train in something more practical’. I procrastinated for weeks, spent hours trying to dissuade myself or justify my decision but in the end I just couldn’t get the it out of my mind. It simply felt right. I had to do it.

So, these last couple of weeks I have been busy studying with my final assessments having taken place yesterday… to be a Qualified Pole exercise Instructor!

I passed with flying colours!

Fitness has always been important to me, you know how much I talk about my constant fidgeting and need to be busy and active. I have been considering moving into the fitness industry for some time and the obvious place to start would be to train as a Personal Trainer. But something just wasn’t quite right.  That’s what everyone does isn’t it, and maybe because of the fact it is ‘the obvious place to start’ made me what to do the opposite, go for something a little different, something to mark me out in my own little way.

I have been hooked on Pole Exercise (note I have not said Pole Dancing for the obvious connotations most people with have) since I took it up two years ago and in that time I have developed so much more in terms of my fitness, strength and personal confidence. It’s now time to stride out on my own…and teach others to find the confidence to be themselves. Who knows maybe I will do my PT qualification on the side.

What is a

Mantra for Monday



Silent Sunday no. 11

: So if you hadn’t already guessed…this is me in one of my favourite pole moves a ‘crossed leg release’. I am determined to prove that the old fashioned perception of ‘pole dancing’ still held by many is totally unfounded in today’s fitness environment.