Mantra for Monday no. 10

Fear is something that is constantly on my mind. I have taked about fear and 'making things happen'


before. I am aware my fear currently limits me and prevents me from being ‘the real me’ and I am working towards facing it head on. At the moment I am taking small steps, I am still to wary of running in head first without a back-up plan. I still hedge my bets and think for longer than I should… often thinking myself out of an opportunity.

But I am getting better. Getting better acting on my thoughts and dreams.

I often read

The Blog of Impossible Things

at times when I need a kick. These words came to mind in writing today’s simple mantra and some of


words are extracted below. Whatever your goal, even if you don’t yet know where you are heading for ultimately, chances are you know it’s not what you’re doing right now. So change that. Change it now.

Do Something…big or small. It doesn’t matter so much what exactly


is. What matters is that you do it.

Stop telling yourself all the reasons why you’re not able to do it and start doing it. Figure the rest out on the way. You don’t need more knowledge. You don’t need more inspiration. You don’t need more time.

You simply need to start.

What is a

Mantra for Monday



Silent Sunday no. 10

: This is another picture taken from my recent break in Hereford. It came to mind as it had just started snowing again as I looked outside my bedroom window with the hallmarks of winter back to remind us we weren’t out the woods just yet!  Here every blade of grass and mound of moss and was coated in bright shining icicles beneath our feet.