Mantra for Monday no. 13

It was Sunday evening (yesterday) and I still wasn’t sure what my Mantra this week should be. I like to choose words that resonate with me on a given day, week, always…

Flicking through a magazine lying on the coffee table, a quote on the inside cover caught my eye. It spoke to me. The words seemed almost to be smiling down upon us all, as if a sense of enlightenment over the obvious.

Why wait? Why do we spend so long deliberating, procrastination, overthinking…when all it really takes is a small step to improve our world and the worlds and lives of others.

It is the one small gift we can offer back to our existence and I believe we owe it to ourselves to act accordingly.

What is a Mantra for Monday?

Note: Silent Sunday no. 13:

Springtime daffodils, the sun was out the air was warm and I wanted to bring a little bit of sunshine and happiness into the house. A vase of daffodils seemed the perfect solution.