Mantra for Monday no. 16

Sometimes I struggle with this concept. It’s often simply getting that delicate balance right. 

I am my own worst critic…pushing and pushing…expecting to run before I can walk.

But I often find that in setting expectations and goals way beyond reach only serves to hold you back. You then file these goals away in the land of ‘dreams’ leaving it for other people to take instead. Without a strategy, a plan and the small steps to lead you there, the gulf seems impossible to cross, so you stumble and falter and then move onto another ‘idea’ to quickly replace it.

I often find that before I know it I have a whole host of ‘ideas’ and ‘goals’ all tottering on the edge, waiting to become something more but never taking that leap.

Ideas and dreams are fun. They are low risk, offering all the drama without the commitment. Setting your goals way up there can often serve as an easy way to back down into your comfort zone.

The solution? Simply take things down a notch. Your ultimate goal will be no less than it ever will have been, you simply need to break it down to get there.

What is a

Mantra for Monday


Silent Sunday no. 16:

My new feet! I decided to buy some Vibram Five Fingers. Why? Because I want to be different, I want to feel the ground beneath my feet, I want to strip back and simplify, I want to be a little bit more me.