Mantra for Monday no. 18

Alicia Keys. I love her album 'The Element of Freedom'. I'd listened to her voice speak these words so many times, but i'd never really heard them before now. I then played the intro track, all 18 seconds of it, four times on straight repeat... then I understood.

There is only so long you can be a ‘talker’ before you frustrate yourself enough and actually become a ‘doer’. If you are really intent on doing something different with your life, making those changes, taking that leap….it will happen in the end… and the reason I think that?

In my experience you reach breaking point, you reach a point of no return…you’ve gone too far along the path in your thinking and your actions must follow, or else you will never be that person you know you can be. That thought in itself terrifies me. Terrifies me to the point that I have no choice but to venture beyond my comfort zone into the unknown.

It is often a steady process, maybe even subconscious. An accumulation over years, of thoughts and feelings you may have pressed towards the back of your mind. But they are there, and over time they will gnaw away at you until the point you have to act. The balance has tipped and that risk, that chance to bloom, can no longer be ignored.

Reach beyond. Find your element and follow your freedom.

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Mantra for Monday


Silent Sunday no. 18


I was in a silly mood…so assembled some fruits and veggies and made them into my new friends…like you do!