Seagulls…and a lighthouse

I’m back.

Did you miss me? 

I certainly missed you… and my laptop and the internet! I’ve just spent the last four hours since I arrived back home catching up with my world…blogs, pinterest, facebook, emails…

I have to admit, as I first realised on my mini break a few months ago, a break from the internet is actually a good thing. It forces you to break habits, to re-evaluate what you do and why you do it, and it also gives you a chance to rest your mind from daily rituals so that when you come ‘back’ all the creativity juices get going in full force.

But, this time it was for a whole week. That was pretty tough. On top of that I barely had any phone signal so my phone was pretty much redundant the whole time.

I feel rejuvenated by my holiday with my family to Lizard Point on the Cornish coast. We stayed in a converted lighthouse with gorgeous views across the ocean. We all got very excited when the lighthouse foghorn (from the new adjacent working lighthouse) went off this morning as we were getting up and having breakfast for the last time before making the long drive home.

So, now back to reality and a busy Easter weekend. Now, before I go to bed I will leave you with a little selection of my favourite photos from the trip….I got a little carried away and took way too many photos so I’ve been pretty brutal with my ‘favourites album’ and this is simply a small snapshot.

 The lighthouse 'cottage'

Our lighthouse from afar

Kynance Cove...the water was so cold!

A flock of seagulls

Pretty St Ives. Quaint and arty...this photo almost looks like a painting in itself!

St Ives (again) because it was so pretty!

Pretty red leaves (no idea what the tree was)

Another pretty of many on our cliff walks

Cadgwith fishing village...I love the tactile qualities of boats.