Inspired in April

Ok, I hear ya…it is now actually May. Last month crept up to a close before I realised where I was and since Monday’s are always dedicated to a ‘Mantra’ I figured that ‘Inspired’ would just have to hold on….forgiven?

Good. Well I’m not going to keep you hanging around and April’s pick is fairly short and sweet. I’d love to know what has inspired you this last month?

Main photo: it was a close call this month with both the chocolate sponge pudding cake and the chewy coconut granola bars almost equally matched in the top hits stakes… the coconut bars did actually pip it to the post, but since they are such a recent recipe I thought I’d give the limelight to the chocolate sponge pudding instead…a worthy winner in my book!

David Goggins- ultra runner. If he doesn’t inspire you I’m not sure who else would!

I loved this concept…and therefore and have taken on the challenge myself.

Green smoothies intrigued me…I found this could be a great place to start?

Have ordered one of these…let’s see if it helps with my pole exercise technique

Investigating red palm oil and an alternative to coconut oil…more info to come…

Making lots of this …which then evolved into chocolate thickshakes (recipe to come)…so so good!