Inspired in May

It’s been a busy month…what with the sun coming out and the veggies growing and my birthday, it’s been a good month too!

I’ve been progressing lots of little things, some things pole fitness related and some things blog/cake related…too early to tell but it’s all looking positive. Slowly, slowly, small steps. This coming weekend is also the Queen’s diamond jubilee…so everyone is getting into party mood with a long double bank holiday weekend.  Well then I’d better get into baking mode…red white and blue here we come!

Main photo: the recipe that inspired you most this month was without a doubt these carrot burgers, they had at least 4 times the amount of hits than any other post. The perfect summer recipe!

How to live well

This song has so much power- I choreographed a pole fitness routine to it

I found that this website and this PDF chart were both really useful in my 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge.

Light science and magic…currently on my reading list. It gives a really good foundation to understanding photographic light. I like the know the reasons why I should do things and not just how to do things.

I love random creativity…so I found this work pretty unique and inspirational.

These minitures are just so cute…and wont make you fat!

Great idea for wrapping…now I just need to get lots of cloth scraps!

Useful tips for going vegan abroad
This banana pecan pancake pie isn’t vegan…but I’m working on it!