Mantra for Monday no. 22

Sometimes I like to flip things on their head....a statement, a question, an idea. 

Creating a new perspective, making sure you never take for granted everything that is so inherently wrapped up in day to day life.

We all too often think only of the end point, the end goal, an ultimate outcome and measure our lives accordingly.  Instead should we not make sure everything we are doing, whether big or small, right here and now is the best it can be? Don't put things off thinking there's another day, week or year to get it done. Do it now and begin living in the here and now...not tomorrow or at some point in the future.

If we live our lives in the moment and be mindful of the future but don't live through it, the worry that there will be an 'end' becomes in effect obsolete.

Life is now. Live it. Don’t wait for it.

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Mantra for Monday


Silent Sunday no. 22:

a snapshot of a balloon release at a charity event for cancer research, we let our balloons fly along with our prayers and wishes.