Mantra for Monday no. 23

I originally had something else in mind for today’s Mantra, but then yesterday this post 
dropped in the my feed and caught my attention.

Infusing life with play, keeping it real and remembering how to laugh and be silly are so, so important. The message made me smile and it reminded me that even though I often frustrate myself and I end up going round in circles when it comes to aspects of my own self development, one thing I am pretty good at is play.

I think play is creative, imaginary, childlike, silly….all important things to never lose sight off. Play enriches the world around you. Leo’s post on Zen habits talks things like about singing as you do chores or making a game of your tasks….

It reminded me of the 'silly’ things I do.  Ok, so you make think I’m odd but I’ll share some of them with you any way in the spirit of silliness.

-          Whilst I’m standing in the print room waiting for my job to pop out of the photocopier, I often look up at the skylight directly above my head and twirl around on the spot (read: I’m a fidget and can't stand still!)
-          When I had a job in a shop during my university years, the till was a split second too slow when I rung the cash through…I used this spare second as a game to see if I could work out the change to give the customer before the till did (I got pretty good!)
-          I like to turn my back on the microwave and the try and anticipate the beeps…or I use the time it takes to microwave my oats in the morning (90 seconds) to see how much of the dishwasher I can get emptied…a race against the clock.
-          I still skip along the path in the sunshine and I still blow dandelion clocks and ask everyone around me to guess ‘what time it will be’!

Ok, I’m going to stop there before you think I’m totally crazy…

How do you infuse play into your own life? Let me know in the comments. If nothing springs to mind, maybe you need to work on that!

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