Mantra for Monday no. 26

What’s the rush?
I try and remind myself of this at times, I really do. I am very bad at slowing down and taking my time. Taking my time to ‘feel’ and do things properly. Do do things with my mind in the moment and not three steps ahead.
We are all typically very bad at this, rushing through life without pausing to notice and to truly appreciate what we are doing at any given moment.
I reflect back upon the last week when I’ve been laid up in bed with an injury, unable to do a anything, but then the minute I felt  I was on the mend and able to move around I flung myself back into the pace of life before, to ‘catch up’ with everything that didn’t get done….no no no! 
So now I am aching again, not too significantly, but enough to let me know that my body is telling me to slow down. To do things properly, with a sense of purpose and control. Let go what you can’t do and embrace what you can.
This mantra applies to every aspect of our lives. It was in part my reason for beginning this blog, the fact I want to slow down and question everything around me, to appreciate the food that nurtures my body and soul and to understand that I will achieve so much more if I simply do things properly in the first place.
Sure, there are times when we need to do things quickly to meet a deadline, but for the things that really matter, those things that enrich our lives and make us happy…there is all the time in the world.
What is a Mantra for Monday?

Silent Sunday no. 26  Sunlight dappled across the steps along a Turkish street. I love the play of light and materials.