Inspired in June

I was just looking back to last months  ‘Inspired’ intro  and what a contrast! June has been cold and rainy nearly every day (it felt like), the veggies have stalled without the sun to nourish them and then to top it all off I had an injury (due to overtraining) which had led to some serious reflection on my choice of exercise activities.
But hey ho, sometimes these things are sent to try us…. The sun will be back, the veg will grow, and sometimes something like an injury or an illness is our bodies way of telling us we are not invincible and we shouldn’t take out health for granted, something which I may be a little guilty off… rushing around and flinging myself around the gym so often.
It’s a short round up this month…here you have it.

Main photo: it’s a close call this month…but the raspberry ripple chocolate torte did it!

I’d like to get into other realms of photography and so I found this flowchart helpful for shooting portraits.

Loving Royksopp and The Church of The Good Thief for chilling out to whist writing up notes.

Enjoying Instagram!

I wrote an article

I entered this photo into a competiton and won!

Quinoa flakes and buckwheat groats have been my new baking experiences.