Mantra for Monday no. 27

This quote has been inspired by two things, on one hand it is a phrase a friend mentioned to me a few days ago when I was being a bit 'floopy' (you know what I mean right?) and subsequently it is also a reflection I had back to ‘Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway’ by Susan Jeffers and although I read that book a year ago now, a few key principles have stuck with me. In particular this one that went something along the lines of  'we spend the majority of our lives off track' the idea being that we zig-zag through life, making one decision realising it needs to be tweaked, then veering back in the other direction, coming up against an obstacle and then again realising we need to make a change thus sending us back in the other direction again. In the end we reach the goal and it is our experiences that have dictated our path in getting there. 

There are similarities with the idea above.... make a decision and go for doesn't really matter so much what that decision is, there are only two outcomes: it either works out (great!!) or it doesn't and so needs tweaking- hence changing direction, you may change direction a number of times, but isn't life all about the journey, the learning and the experience? One thing I do know for sure, if you don't take control and make no decision at all you won’t even make it off the starting blocks.

What is a Mantra for Monday?

Silent Sunday no. 27: A lone strawberry in the dusk light.