Mantra for Monday no. 28

Yesterday the Olympic flame passed through my home town on it’s tour around the UK.  This brought two key thoughts to my mind:

Community spirit

Personal achievement

In so many ways these two thoughts are inextricably linked. How often have Olympic athletes dedicated their success to their families, their friends, their coaches…the people who are there for them day after day through the rough and the smooth.

No matter how driven, motivated or dedicated you may be, it is the people around you that help pick you up when your mind or body falters, when you threaten to through in the towel. These people are your community. Both your personal community and the community at large who are behind you, pulling together with a united sense of spirit to support the cause.

I felt this yesterday, as I stood there in the pouring rain amongst the crowds lining the streets waiting to cheer the passing of the Olympic flame. The torch was carried by members of the local community, each of which had been nominated for their own diverse personal achievements.  

You can make it.

Today’s  ‘mantra’ follows with a few captured images.

What is a Mantra for Monday?

Silent Sunday no. 28: On my walk through the avenue of horse chestnut trees on my way to watch the Olympic flame pass through the town, a little girl who was also en-route kept sheltered from the rain.