Mantra for Monday no. 30

These last few weeks have bit a bit of a turning point in my thinking. Sometimes it takes an unforeseen event, something that you have no control over and that throws you off the path you were running full pelt along, to shed a little perspective over things.

My recent injury was one such example. There I'd been charging through life trying to do 'everything' I wanted to' in the here and now, blinkered in my thinking and sparing little thought for the long term plan or the consequences. I also  realise now that I had been of the mindset that I was somewhat 'indestructible' since I never get ill and I don't get injured...I'm in control! Or not as the case may be....

An injury or illness stops you in your tracks. You have no choice but to drop everything and focus on recovery. You surrender that control.

This caused me to consider my objectives, to reflect upon how much i was trying to do and the priorities in my aims. This caused a shift, more a mental shift that a physical one as my day to day endeavours to the outsider may not appear to have changed, but the shift is definitely there.

Truths hit us in all sorts of ways, at all sorts of moments in our lives. We all to often avoid addressing the issues until our hand is forced, it’s human nature. Don't wait for illness or injury to force you to stop, reflect and rethink. Take stock of your life, your family, your body and your and if truth is staring you in the face, don't hurry on regardless but look right back and do something about it.

What is a Mantra for Monday?

Silent Sunday no. 30:

Yesterday I spent a few hours with friends practicing my photography and taking family shots…this was one of my favourite spontaneous moments.