Un-tuna Sushi

These little light lunch bites are oh-so-delicate, they make you want to pick them up carefully with you pinkie finger sticking out…no?  Oh just me then!

Team them with a salad or some carbs for a more substantial meal, or serve as an appetizer or buffet snacks as they are. The original recipe for ‘un-tuna’ was inspired by this recipe for un-tuna sandwiches but since I had no vegan mayo to hand I used some vegan yogurt and a blob of cashew butter for a thicker creaminess.

The recipe called for 1 teaspoon of nori seaweed flakes, another ingredient I didn’t have to hand…but it did spark an idea. Whilst out shopping I picked up a pack or sushi seaweed wraps to make my very own sushi inspired wrap. I also added some sweet corn which the original recipe didn’t call for, but for me a tuna salad is not complete without the sweet corn so I had to add it!

I’d suggest adding the seaweed flakes/wrap if you have it as it really gives this filling the fishy edge, if you prefer you could use regular tortillas  (GF or wheat) and add some salad for a super simple un-tuna wrap.

Recipe: Un-tuna Sushi

Serves 1 (just under one cups worth) you can easily double or triple it up.


½ cup cooked chick peas

1 tbs cashew butter and 1 tbs vegan yoghurt (or vegan mayonnaise)

1 tbs finely chopped onion

1 tbs finely chopped cucumber

¼ tsp garlic salt

Black pepper to taste

A sprinkling of chopped fresh dill (optional- I omitted as I didn’t have any)

Handful of cooked sweet corn kernels

Seaweed wrap or tortilla wrap to serve.


Roughly mash the chickpeas in a small bowl. Add the cashew butter/yoghurt or mayonnaise and mix/mash through evenly.

Add all remaining ingredients and mix through to coat.

Spoon into a wrap to serve. If using a sushi wrap, roll tightly and seal the edge before cutting into segments.

Alternatively this would make a great filling for a jacket potato.

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