Carry on camping!

Back home and rested after a busy bank holiday weekend in the hills!

It was so wet the car got stuck!
The day before my camping trip was mega busy with food preparations to carry me through the four day trip (supplemented by a bbq and a pub meal!)

I thought I’d share with you some of my preparations as many of these recipes are perfect ‘on the go’ snacks fit to fuel you up for the day whether you happen to be camping or not! I have posted many of these recipes or variations on them previously…but you know it’s always good to have it all in one place.

Oh, and in case you were wondering my pop up tent went up and down just fine thank you! I had been apprehensive that I would end up performing an embarrassing battle of wills in front of a field of bemused onlookers…thankfully that was not the case!

So, my food prep looked something like this:

These mexican beanburgers (pre-cooked and finished off on the bbq). I had planned to make these black bean beet burgers for a more authentic looking burger…but alas I had not black beans of beets!

Un-tuna sandwhichfilling- great in wraps, pittas or simply straight from the pot.

Lentil peanut dip…I know I go on about this but I love it!! Great with a pit of raw veggies.

Overnight oats….I premixed a tub of oats, chia seeds, cinnamon (lots!) and raisins, and then each night before going to bed I mashed a banana into a travel tub added 1/3 cup oat mix to a tub and then added approx. ½ cup soy milk. Mix it up…and voila the perfect breakfast come morning. I added some blueberries and a little extra soy milk in the morning too.  P.s this also serves a great lunch out on the hills….just remember to take a spoon.

Granola (cos I need oaty goodness with me at all times!) this batch had a touch of salt which really made the flavours pop!

mexican bean burgers
un-tuna salad
lentil and peanut dip
granola bites

Plus, last but not least…

Smoosh bars are another go to favourite that stand up well with the rough and tumble in the rucksack. Usually I opt for my gingerbread and choc-orange versions, but this time I put a little twist on things since I was running realty low on dates and so now you have a new recipe below.  I called these chocolate plum bars as prunes just didn’t sound quite so appetising to me (apolgoes if I have confused you with cherries in the photo!). The prunes provide a deep rich fruity sweetness which teams perfectly with the cocoa. My prunes were much softer than my regular dates so I slightly increased the nuts and oats to compensate.
Recipe: chocolate plum bars


100g dried plums (prunes)
80g hazlenuts (or other nut(s) or seeds of choice)
50g raisins
25g coconut flour or ground oats* (I used oats)
20g cocoa powder


Put everything into a food processor and smoosh together until chopped up into tiny pieces and the bowl is filled with a fine sticky powder. For a less chunky nut then process the nuts a little on their own first before adding all the other ingredients in with them.

To form into bars I press the mixture into a small tin lined with baking parchment and us the flat end of a rolling pin to firmly pack the mixture down. Chill for a while before lifting out if the tin and cutting into bars. 

Oh and finally a few camping trip pics….

it was a bit wet!

* for further guidance on making gluten free choices please see this post.

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