Creamy cashew custard

Smooth and creamy custard…perfect served hot or cold spooned over pancakes, dolloped on granola, drizzled over fruit……the list goes on. Whether the sun shines or the wind blows, a spoonful of cashew custard will be you perfect companion!

This recipe was based on

this vanilla bean custard

over at Quirky Cooking, I took the vegan route and also added some extra ground chia for a more authentic vanilla bean appearance since I use vanilla powder and it doesn’t have the bean grains.

You can vary the water content to get a thick or runny custard, if served cold the custard will have a thicker consistency…perfect for eating by the spoonful. I used approx. 500ml water and it gave a fairly runny custard when warm and a thicker pudding type custard when cold.

Sereved here with my nutty apple breakfast bakeYou’ll be seeing this custard in a few posts over the next few days as once I’d made a jugful I kept it in the fridge and then ate it with nearly all my snacks over the following week.

Recipe: Cashew custard

Makes 1 medium bowl


100g raw cashews

400-600g water (depending on whether you want thick spooning or thin pouring custard)

2 tsp vanilla paste or powder (best quality)

½ tsp ground nutmeg

1 tbs ground chia

70g agave (plus a pinch of stevia is you require additional sweetness to taste)

30g cornflour


Ground the cashews to get a fine meal. Add all ingredients along with the cashews to medium pan and bring to the boil for 6 minutes stirring continuously until thickened.

Alternatively using a Thermomix, grind the cashews for 10 seconds speed 9 and then add all ingredients to the bowl. Cook the mixture at 90C speed 4 for 6 minutes.

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