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Inspired in August

This month I’m going to change things up a little, change and growth is always a good thing!

I’ve been really  getting into Instagram of late…I love the spontaneity and the fact you always have your ‘camera’ with you to capture those all important moments, reminders and memories in life. Whilst many may argue the iphone camera is not a ‘real’ photography tool, when it comes to cameras the best one is always the one you have to hand at the time it’s needed, right?

So this month (and maybe for months to continue), my roundup is a collection of photos…my key Instagram photos that have had meaning for me over the course of this month. Obviously if anything else takes my fancy I will give a shout out for those too.

Feedback welcome….oh, and if you want to follow me on Instagram here, then I would love you forever too! 

apple tree in my friends garden

colleagues watering the office veg patch

my mum's birthday flowers!

caramel sauce drizzled over peanut cookies

pretty clouds on a hot summer afternoon

chocolate plum smoosh bars

the Derbyshire Dales want to be up there!

a lake walk before dinner

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