Mantra for Monday no. 33

Today’s Mantra was going to be another Olympic based mantra... inspired by the athletes all over the world, but then I figured the focus has been directly on the Olympics these past few weeks and months so I decided to take a slightly different tactic.

What can we take away from the Olympics now the races are over and the ceremony has drawn to a close?

What can we take back into our own everyday lives?

Think big…think beyond…push harder than you’ve pushed before. This mantra is all about perspective, about seeing the bigger picture. If the Olympics have given me one thing to take away it is to dig deep, not to dwell on problems that may seem insurmountable in isolation but to see the bigger picture and realise your priorities and vision for the long term.

You are not alone. Others can do it and so can you.

Look at the moon, it is your constant, no matter the chaos that may appear to surround you moment to moment.

What is a Mantra for Monday ?

Silent Sunday no 33 golden fields on a summers day walk

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