Mantra for Monday no. 34

Last Friday I went to the theatre to watch a local production of The Sound of Music. It was a great performance and there were a number of times throughout that the lyrics resounded with me, moreso that I’d ever noticed previously. Maybe it was my mind set and maybe it was the fact that I was present in the moment, that I was a part of the atmosphere and it felt as though those words were spoken directly to me.

The extract from this particular song came right before the interval and so I noted down my thoughts whist they were fresh in my mind. Maria had just the head nun ‘ how do I find what I am meant to be’, the response: ‘you look for it’.

Simple words. Plain obvious maybe. So why do so many of us (myself included) get stuck in the routines and rituals that we know aren’t who we really are, unwilling to break through the comfort zone in case all fails.

Yet the only way to ever really fail is never having tried to find yourself at all.

What is a Mantra for Monday?

Silent Sunday no. 34a blistering hot weekend with bleached out woodwork and highly contrasting shadows made for a eye-catching composition.

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