Happy Birthday…to Including Cake!

My blog is now one year old…whoop!
Actually I tell a lie, today is actually 1 year+1 week as it was this time last week that I actually reached the milestone but I was away camping without any form of internet (and barely a phone signal!) and so could not do anything to celebrate at the time.
So, to celebrate, albeit a little belatedly (belated birthdays are good right, cos they are always unexpected!) A cake….. of the cheesecake variety to follow the theme of my deliciously successful turtle cheesecake.
A few other fruity friends wanted to help out…but alas they couldn’t all fit on the top of the cake.

well it made the big kid in me smile!
So a whole year…wow… I could never have imagined making it this far or where is would lead, all the potential it has thrown my way and all the beliefs it has stirred in my soul.
Well I’m not stopping now and I just hope that over the next year (and beyond) this can become more than just a blog. I want to take my passions of food and photography more directly into people’s lives. I want to learn and understand more. Most of all I hope I can come to reach more people to help them think outside the box when it comes to food and to continue to prove that healthy food can taste so good and reap such rewards both mentally and physically.
Food really is the medicine of the future. This I truly believe.
One book I mentioned very early on in my blog’s history, is The China Study.  Of all the research I have come across, this has to be one of the most compelling publications from a scientific (and not simply moral) perspective of the benefits of a plant based diet. Upon reading this I was hooked.
Last but not least, I truly appreciate you all for joining me on my journey and the input you offer, whether you are a long time reader or someone who may come across me once in a while. I hope I can continue to inspire you. If you have any thoughts as to how I could continue to improve please chime in... for example: more sweet/savoury recipes, photos of the processes, fitness/health related non recipe posts, more/less about 'me' in the posts or anything else that comeas to your mind. Oh, and if you have ideas for recipes you want to be 'healthanized' please shout...i'm up for the challenge!
P.S If you want to have a little chuckle, this was my very first post!
P.P.S Strawberry cheesecake recipe to follow shortly…promise!

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