I'm taking part....Vegan MOFO 2012!

October marks the beginning of Vegan MOFO 2012.

This year I will be taking part in the action…for the first time. Excited, apprehensive, nervous…maybe a little?  Well I don’t want to disappoint now do I!

Having a little browse on the PPK Mofo forum it seems that many people get down with themed posts for the month. I liked the sound of that idea, a change from the norm giving the challenge an individual twist. 

But what should my theme be?

Then it came to me…Oats!!

You know how much I love my oats and how versatile and healthful they can be…well what better way to celebrate with a whole month of oatyliciousness.

Oats are cheap, healthy, versatile and they are the perfect comfort food for all times of day…perfect for the chilly weather slowly creeping upon us.  Check out my Recipage here for oat based recipes to date.

So here we have the grand plan:

Sunday: “Summary Sunday…what’s going down in MOFO land?” a collection of inspiring links.
Monday: ”Mantra for Monday” following the theme of my usual ‘mantras’ but with a vegan twist.
Tuesday: recipes with an oaty theme
Wednesday: recipes with an oatytheme
Thursday: recipes with an oaty theme
Friday: recipes with an oaty theme
Saturday: “Surprise me Saturday” going freestyle with a non-oat based recipe that taken my fancy.

I figured I’d throw in Saturday as a freestyle day for other recipes that have taken my fancy through the week…as even I might go insane with that many oats…!

So the challenge is set. Roll On MOFO!!  Annoyingly I am actually away on holiday for the first week on October, so I'm busy prepping my posts to be scheduled for next week...I will do my best to find an internet cafe and check in as often as I can next week! After that you will have my full attention.

super sized oatmeal breakfast bowl...oh yeah!!
(ok this was actually a breakfast/lunch in one combo)

A brief side note to put you on the picture. As regular readers will know, whilst I do not have a gluten intolerance myself, the recipes on the blog are typically wheat free or gluten free as I believe that we could all do with less wheat in our day to day diets.  I appreciate that for those with serious gluten intolerances, oats as also a no no due to gluten cross contamination. However there are brands of GF oats available that I understand most people can handle, so I hope that you can all join in with me and get some oaty inspiration along the way to carry you through into these chilly winter months to come. For further guidance on making gluten free choices please see this post.

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