Inspired in September

Its been a month of sunshine...dreaming of an Indian Summer, and also plenty of rain showers....proving the cold hard reality that autumn has arrived! But it's not all bad. Autumn means scarves, jumpers, snuggly slippers, soups, stews and hot chocolates...what's not to love?

My instagram has become a little food obsessed of late...still many bowls of oats abound, but hey just being honest! I seem to have got into the habit to snapping my work lunches too.

There is more excitement this month since I have signed up for Vegan Mofo for the very first time. I'll be blogging every day of the week for the month of October! There will still be my usual Silent Sunday and Mantra for Monday posts, but the other 5 days each week will be filled with healthy recipes...

Better get cracking! It's just frustrating that I'm going away on holiday next week- the very start of the challenge. Must be been super organised to schedule my posts in advance. I will do my best to check in as much as possible next week too.

Goodbye's to a happy October!

drinks in the sunshine after a long days walk in the hills

purple flowers

the way home

how to open a coconut...? the hammer!!

satsifying my sweet tooth (a bit!)

chalk hills make for pretty footpaths

double banana blondies fresh from the oven

peas on my veg the 'mange tout' stage

giant oatmeal bowl (breakfast and lunch in one)

first play with my julienne peeler- amazing!

veggie bake with a crisp cheezy chickpea oaty topping

sandwich platter!

Michael Pollan....nuff said.
my poolside holiday reading! ha ha
does anyone else get this messy making cookies?