Mantra for Monday no. 36

On Wednesday evening I watched the Paralympic opening ceremony as I prepare to be humbled, intrigued, awed and inspired by the Paralympic athletes.

Steven Hawking was the star ambassador, a true icon to courage and achievement through adversity. The quote above was the one particular line stood out for me in his speech. It is in itself a cause for self-reflection, forcing us to see ourselves and the world around us from another perspective. To persevere and to believe.

At times life is difficult for us all to varying degrees , at times we all suffer from setbacks that cause us to give up or change the course of our direction. That in itself can be a hard fact to face, we so often do so unwillingly and resentfully with a sense that control has been whipped away from beneath us.

The key here is to learn to accept. With acceptance comes control. With control comes confidence. With confidence comes the knowledge that you can indeed succeed.

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