DAY TWENTY EIGHT: 'Summary Sunday'...what's going down?

The final countdown…only 3 more days of Vegan Mofo…ending with a Halloween party! Or maybe it’s simply that it happens to be Halloween. :-)

Today I’m feeling nice and refreshed, due to the clocks changing we got an extra hour in bed this morning, not that I’m a particularly ‘stay in bed’ type of girl but I have definitely felt a sense of pushing myself a little too hard recently…so much to do in life and so little time. Or maybe more accurately I simply need to get my priorities in order!

Enough of all that, lets get back to YOU! What have you been up to this last week  or so that has particular inspired me. I’ve worked my way through the final third of the blogroll, so all the links this week are taken from blogs Q-Z  (wow…there are a crazy number of 'T' and ‘V’ blogs!) Lots of pumpkin variations and perhaps surprisingly for me there are more savoury choices!

All artwork below is fully credited to the bloggers who inspired this post.


Mini apple and pear galettes by The Vegan Crew

(pastry is a weakness I rarely indulge in)

Spiced pumpkin cupcakes by Sexy Vegan Mama

(this won me over on swirly looks alone!)

Flageolet bean salad with tomato and leeks by Taste Space

(always trying to get beans into my lunches and this is a simple way)

Spinach and artichoke dip by Wing It Vegan

(mental note made to experiment more with artichokes!)

Pumpkin rice crispy treats by Tahinitoo

(marshmallow crispies were a childhood favourite of mine!)

Buffalo chicken seitan by Shins vegan Loving

(this just looked like a restaurant meal....mmmm!)

Double chocolate chip ice cream by the Vegan Chickpea

(Ice cream in winter?...oh yeah, especially if its chocolate!)

Citrus pumpkin oatmeal with cranberries by Vegan Yak Attack

(my weakness for oatmeal totally got the better of its seasonal!!)

What Vegan MOFO means to me.

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