DAY THIRTY ONE: Halloweeeeeen

It's Halloween!  Also the last day of Vegan Mofo….alas I don’t have any oaty goodnesss to share…my Halloween inspired treats were simply not of the oaty variety today.  I do think I’ve done pretty well this month with so many oaty concoctions! It's been a fun challenge.

So, back to Halloween, how have you been celebrating?....fancy food, fancy dress, trick-or-treating, bonfires (ok that last one is not till next week!)

This year I haven't been to any parties, and I don't generally get many visits from 'trick-or-treaters' but I have made food...of the pumpkin inspired variety!

We had a Halloween lunch at work, well it was more of a team lunch that happened to fall on Halloween so I decided to get into the holiday spirit a little. Pumpkin risotto and another spin off of these Halloween Graveyard cakes...this time a pumpkin muffin with a gingerbread cookie! Lots of fun to makes two cakes in one.

I will admit the gingerbread ended up being a little puffier than I would have liked- note to self: use less baking powder! The risotto had a great flavour but I think the texture needed a little more work before I can share it with you.

I also made a soy-free cheezy stuffed crust pizza... this is a new super-food chia crust with a cheesy (soy-free) stuffed crust edge...but i'm a tease and you'll have to wait a little longer for the stuffed recipe as I feel it still it needs a few more tweaks and trials before its ready to share! I’ll be sharing the regular chia crust with you very soon.

All in all it went down well, me being a perfectionist felt it could have been that little bit better (although I was in a mega rush last night to get it all cooked!), but I know I will always be my own worst critic!! I had lots of positive pizza comments with a lot of love for the substantial and filling chia crust.

In other news, this was another little experiment a week or so ago at around the same time as the Graveyard Cakes... I think he looks so cute!

(Hint: you can make these monsters using

these smoosh bars


form a head, arms and legs, then fix to an orange with toothpicks and add some sunflower seeds for the face!)


Vegan MOFO means to me.

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