DAY EIGHT: Mantra for Monday no. 41

As a continuation of Vegan MOFO, todays mantra bridges the two element of holistic wellness with a plant based mentality. I loved this quite by Michael Pollan for its beauty and simplicity.

The garden, whether it be the small square of land outside our back door or the wide fields and meadows beyond, all point to place where nature and man can be at one. The green of our world is often underappreciated, especially for those outside of the city centres and high rise flats for whom grass and green space is the norm.

Our impact on the land around us is direct and can reap huge rewards. By this I mean on an individual scale as well as a commercial one. This apple was grown on a tree in the corner of the garden, with a little nurturing the tree gives plentiful apples each year. Similarly with my vegetable patch at work, with its bountiful fruit and veg…all the reward of a little care and attention.

What is a Mantra for Monday?

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