DAY FIFTEEN: Mantra for Monday no. 42

My Vegan MOFO Mantra’s seem to have become a bit of a tribute to Michael Pollan! This wasn’t intentional, it simply seems that he so clearly sums up the key criteria of holistic health. His thoughts resonate with me, not least with this quote.

So true.

Why would I want to put food in my mouth that contains countless ingredients I cannot even pronounce. As Brendan Brazier (who’s book, Thrive Fitness, I have just read) puts it ‘edible food-like substances’ sound pretty gross really. A vegan diet doesn’t necessarily mean a healthy diet- there are still plenty of vegan junk foods trying and refined ‘meat replacements’ out there.

I admit I enjoy the process of preparing food which really helps, but even for those who can’t be bothered to cook, raw veggie stick, fruits, seeds, nuts and healthy dips take little or no preparation at all so really there is no excuse not to eat well (at least most of the time!)

Think before you eat, it will mean so much more to you and your body will thank you for it tenfold. I promise.

What is a Mantra for Monday?

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