DAY NINETEEN: Coconut granola

A little twist on my favourite oaty snack…coconut butter style!

crisp baked oatmeal

crisp baked oatmeal

This experiment was originally inspired by this recipe by Quirky Cooking.  Jo is a fellow Thermomixer and I love her blog for it’s quirky offerings with a mindset similar to my own.

Taking the coconut butter (homemade of course) and its superfood add-ins I simply wanted to go that bit further and add oats…voila, a no-bake granola.  I had hoped that this would break off in large chunks (just the way I like it best) in its raw state, however it was more of a traditional flaky granola style…that was until I baked it!

Ok, so baking it of course means the granola is no longer raw but I can live with that, it gave a lovely contrast to the raw version- 1 recipe 2 ways.  When it was first baked I wasn’t sure quite sure what I thought…hmmmm, it just didn’t quite have the pizazz.  But once cooled properly it really came into its own with an amazing crisp bite, courtesy of the coconut butter.

I will say that is not a low calorie granola with it lashings of coconut butter, but it is full of good-for-you foods and healthy fats so it still ticks the boxes in my book and would be great as a crisp topping, a little goes a long way. Of course you can also vary the add-ins as much as you like to meet your own personal taste.

no-bake soft oatmeal clusters

no-bake soft oatmeal clusters

Recipe: Coconut granola

Makes one baking sheet full


150g coconut butter (not coconut oil)

20g cacao nibs

100g oats

¼ tsp stevia

3 tbs agave

20g each flaked almonds/chia seeds/dried cranberries/dried blueberries/sun flower seeds (or other combinations)


Melt the coconut butter gently until runny. Mix through all remaining ingredients until fully coated in coconut butter.

Press into a large shallow baking pan to form a layer approx1cm thick. Allow to set in the fridgeand use as a raw granola crumble or bake for approx. 10-15 mins until slightly golden. Allow to cool fully before breaking into chunks.

This raw granola actually tasted so good with some soy milk and a dusting of cinnamon

baked is my favourite!

baked is my favourite!

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