DAY TWENTY FOUR: Dark chocolate oatmeal thins

You got a sneak preview of these in yesterday's Halloween post!  

The original intention wasn't as halloween crosses (surprise surprise!) but as my own copy-cat version of Nairns Dark Chocolate Oat Biscuits.

I came across a packet of these biscuits for the first time a few weeks ago and they tasted so good...a cross between a biscuit and a crackers, thin and crisp like a biscuit but much more substantially filling and also a semi-sweetness which I really loved, perfect for when you want a slightly indulgent but not sugar-coma inducing snack. 

It took me a couple of attempts before I succeeded with the flavour, these are subtly sweet and spiced biscuits so I wanted to get the right balance. I used a little rapadura along with cacoa nibs for an intense and slightly bitter chocolate hit and just a tad of cocoa powder. I also included a little salt, cinnamon and a pinch of chilli to give some subtle undertones. You could use dark chocolate chips for a slightly sweeter taste but I can't vouch for how they will alter the overall flavour. I would also advise using a granulated sweetener such as rapadura or coconut sugar, others such as fruit sugars may work but won’t have the slight caramelly depth of flavour.

The biscuit base is so easy to make up in a food processor and I really encourage you to taste test as you go so that you can add a little extra sugar, salt or spice as you need it to make sure the flavours work for you, it is down to personal taste after all. I still think these could do with a little extra work to get a really crisp bite...but the recipe as it stands still tasted good to me so I thought I would share it with you.  Feel free to let me know any changes you made to the recipe!

Similar to this recipe are these bitter chocolate thins posted way back at the beginning of this blog! 

Recipe: Dark choc oatmeal thins

Makes approx. 10 round biscuits (or Halloween crosses)


1 cup oats- coarsely ground
3 tbs buckwheat flour (or other mild GF flour)
1 tbs ground chia/flax
3 tbs rapadura
¼ heaped tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
Pinch chilli powder
2tsp cocoa powder
¼ heaped tsp baking powder
2 tbs softened coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
Up to ¼ cup soy milk to mix
3 tbs cacoa nibs


Process the oats (or just use coarse oatmeal) and add all ingredients other than the soy milk. Process/pulse to combine and achieve a crumbly mixture. Add the soy milk a little at a time to reach a slightly sticky dough that holds together well.

Roll thinly (approx. 3mm thick) on a silicone or parchment lined and floured baking sheet and use a cookie cutter to make circles.  Or slice and overlay to form crosses before baking to use for the ‘Halloween graveyard’.

Bake at 180C for approx. 10-12 mins until just beginning to turn golden at the outside edges.

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