DAY TWENTY ONE: 'Summary Sunday'…what’s going down?

Ok, so I’ve been busily browsing the Vegan MOFO blog roll and have been loving the recipes you guys have been coming up with this week.

Lots to keep me entertained!  Once again it’s also great to ‘meet’ a few more vegan bloggers that were not previously on my radar.

So for this Sunday’s round up I continued to work my way through the blog roll and this week the summary represents blogs with titles from F-P.  Once again my round-up collection consists of photos and recipes that jumped out at me and made my mouth water.

All artwork below is fully credited to the bloggers who inspired this post.


Chickpea sloppy joes by Keepin It Kind
(anything chickpea relates ticks my this is perfect comfort food)

Apple sauce muffins by Hell Yeah It's Vegan
(I loved the rustic quality)

Cheezy fondue By Fo Reals Mom
(full on winter comfort...I can imagine drizzling this on everything!)

Horchata by Fried Dandelions
(Loving the textures and the banana topping)

Gingersnaps by Joanna Vaught
(after cinnamon ginger is my absolute favourite!)

Ghostly cake pops by Fork and Beans
(because they are cute and because it soon Halloween!)

Salted Caramel Walnut Brownies By Happy Glad Free
(Gooey chocolate...that is all that needs to be said!)

Cinnamon raisin apple pancakes By Hipsterfood
(I do love a good breakfast pancake...and cinnamon!)

Butternut and Kale saute by Good Good Things
(Simply because I need more kale in my life)

Halloween cupcakes by Growing Up Veg
(cute and seasonal!)

Thai baked tofu by Get Sconed
(So colourful and tofu is another ingredient i need to experiment more with)

What Vegan MOFO means to me.

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