Inspired in November

After the chaos of last month’s Vegan MoFo where I totally forgot to put a little inspiration board together, I thoroughly enjoyed flicking through this last months Instagram roll to put together some highlights.

Food, leaves and lights seem to be the common themes!

In other news this months I began a daily gratitude list. Practicising gratitude and meditation are things that I’ve been meaning to take time to do for a long time, and gratitude became particularly important to me as I a bit down and out of sorts around the beginning of this month, and it occurred to me that actually I have an awful lot to be thankful for. It was a common theme across the internet also, since for many it was the month of Thanksgiving. So here I wanted to share a few extracts of from my own thoughts.

What have you been grateful for this month?

Gratitude extracts:
laughter and 'in' jokes
walking in the cold winter sunshine
freshly washed bedding
friends who accept me
time to explore my passions
colourful salads

golden leaves across the tarmac on my walk into town

my car broke down so I walked the journey i would usually drive

bonfire night!

my gratitude journal

peanutty soup loaded with extra veggies

I got a sneak preview... due for UK release January 2013

veggie noodles stir fried in lemon and ginger infused coconut oil

my favourite creation of the month...buckwheat blini kebabs

Dinner at 'Jamie's' for my sisters birthday

Love this quote...made me chuckle :-)

a big batch of 40 best ever recipe (it took 5 attempts!)

Christmas lights in London's Regent Street

work lunch soup with lambs lettuce....I love this abstract composition

red Christmassy throw to compliment my cranberry oats

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