Mantra for Monday no. 45

This can apply to so many aspects of life….both physical and mental. Actually come to think of it most challenge is mental since I believe it is the mental strength that has the ability to carry you through the physical pain and challenge ahead.

Mental  strength is tough and it’s so easy to give up when you’re struggling against yourself…a battle of wills. You can often question whether the struggle is worth it when the end is not quite in sight.

The other reason a challenge is so tough is because often there aren’t many people out there doing it… most have given up along the wayside and it can be pretty lonely. It’s at that moment when you simply need to focus and remind yourself exactly why you do it, what you want to achieve and dig deep and get the job done.

What is a Mantra for Monday?

Silent Sunday no 45: My car broke down last week and so I ended up doing a lot more walking than usual, I came to really appreciate the moments that would have otherwise been missed such as these fallen leaves across my path.

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