Mantra for Monday no.48

This last weekend I have felt more motivated and inspired than I may have ever felt before. I attended a two day life coaching course run by The Coaching Academy in London. I went along on a whim without any expectation but simply a general curiosity to understand more about the power of coaching..and more importantly about myself!

The weekend has been more than I ever imagined. Never have so many things felt so right. I am still on a high, a wave of adrenaline and ‘superwomen’ mentality.  For someone who typically fidgets after sitting in a chair for an hour, struggles to keep their eyes open during  most ‘interesting’ lectures or even films, and who’s mind wanders at every given opportunity, I was hooked from the word go. This in itself told me an awful lot.

So many issues were covered that I have already begun to explore and question here on this blog and in my own life, but now it was different. I wasn't alone in the room. There were people from different generations and different walks of life, but all who had one thing in common….they wanted to grow and change, they didn't want to settle for what society prescribed.

So what now?

The pieces of my jigsaw feel as though they are beginning to slot into place. Instead of a mass of jumbled pieces strewn amongst the corners I had already laid, I feel a sense of clarity begin to reveal itself with patterns and shades coming to the fore and presenting themselves to form the bigger picture.

As yet I am unsure where i'll take these new found discoveries about myself, but I will say next year could present a very interesting journey indeed.

What is a Mantra for Monday?

Silent Sunday no. 48: The Christmas lights in London's Regent Street gave me that fuzzy holiday feeling the reflections from the rainy pavements added to the atmosphere.

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