Apple spiced oat cobbler- for one!

Breakfasts and desserts often become one and the same for me...that's because I like to be a little indulgent with my weekend breakfasts (breaking away from the weekday apple-oats) and I like to be healthy with my desserts!

Plus with many of my breakfast recipes you can simply add a little more sweetener if that's your thing without compromising the recipe at all.

I have made a few different versions of this cobbler.  First attempt was closely based on the breakfast cookie formula, and whilst it was ok, it didn't have the crumbly bite I was after, the characteristically crumbly cobbler topping to contrast the juicy fruit below.  I then made a coconut version with coconut flour and coconut flakes that worked really well. Coconut flour is light and can be quite drying but it does give the crumbly texture I was after, so I then took the concept further and merged the two... you a coconut oat cobbler! 

You can use a berry, apple or pear fruit base, or a mix of all three, just make sure you have a lots of liquid in your fruit mix as the coconut flour will absorb quite a lot of it. You can also add in a few seeds, nuts, chocolate chunks or whatever you fancy to the mix, I kept mine plain and simple for this experiment.

This recipe would be great multiplied and served in mini ramekins as a breakfast, snack or dessert at any time of the day.  Plus at only 5 minutes from start to finish and so many possible variations, you can't really go wrong.

Recipe: Apple oat cobbler


½ cup fresh or frozen fruit of choice- chopped into approx. 1 cm sized pieces
1 tsp ground chia plus 2 tbs fruit juice or sugar free jam*
¼ cup ground oats
2 tbs coconut flour
1 tbs desiccated coconut
Scant ½ tsp baking powder
1 tsp ground chia
1 tbs coconut sugar/rapadura
1-2 tbs coconut oil
Pinch cinnamon


Mix the fruit with the chia/juice or jam and spoon into the bottom of a small oven/microwave proof dish.

Mix remaining ingredients together rubbing the coconut through with fingers to from a crumbed dough that lightly holds together- use 1-3 tbs water as necessary to assist.

Add the dough crumbles to the top of the fruit mixture and sprinkle with cinnamon or vanilla bean if desired.

Microwave for 90 seconds or for a crisp golden top oven bake for up to 15 minutes at 180C.

*Note: Coconut flour is drying which gives a lovely crumbly cobbler topping as long as you make sure the fruit mixture below is very moist to start with as the addition of coconut flour will steal a moisture during cooking. Use jam or juice, the flavour of which will depend upon the nature of the fruit used.

Coconut-oak topping oven baked

Oatmeal topping cooked in the microwave.

For further guidance on making gluten free choices please see this post.

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