Christmas Collection 2012

Sorry if you've received this in your RSS twice... I had issues with the formatting and the only choice I had was to repost it! 

I know I promised you a Christmas round up, lots more new recipes and all sorts of other glorious things in the last few days before will happen! (just a little later than hoped!) I still have so many festive recipes I want to share, Christmas will have to just carry right on this year.

Please bear with me, I am slowly getting back on track after the incident, sorry to keep on about that but it really set me back and I feel bad that my posts have been so erratic of late. However good new Macbook has been delivered and I have spent pretty much all day tearing my hair out whilst getting it set up and running. Normality will once again resume and I will shut up! :-)

I do have a round up for you, and I do have so many more recipes I want to post... at least one will come along tomorrow...but for those of you who may have spotted this on my Instagram feed, here is a little teaser! Festive spirit ahoy....

So my roundup of Christmas recipes, my all time festive favourites from my blog, and some more from the blogosphere that I've spied in recent weeks, and to finish off a little Pinspiration for you too!

Feel free to chime in with comments or links to your own favourites!

This baked oatmeal is most definitely what I will be making on Christms morning! I have saved the last of my homemade mincemeat especially!

I haven't yet had a chance to make gingerbread...maybe tomorrow!

These truffles simply had to be in there....I've lost count how many i've made these last two weeks!

I've not made a yule log this year, but this amazing 'skinny' version from last year is a must!

Other 'Loves' from around the web:

I love Ashley@The Edible Perspective's idea for spice blends

Amazing homemade twix bars by Leanne@Healthful Pursuit

Great granola gift ideas by Kathy@Heathy Happy Life....this is another one on my Christmas Eve 'to do list'.

For a savoury option, how about this simple endamame dip by Amgela@Oh She Glows

Finally a few 'Pinteresting' Christmassy crafty offerings...

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