Healthy chocolate candy

I still have so many Christmassy and chocolately recies to share...lets see how many I can pack in before New Year hits, and then there may even be a few more then too since my healthy recipes will tick the box for a 'healthy' new year too. 

Today's recipe is a perfect gifting recipe for all the relatives and friends still to be visited this holiday season!

This chocolate candy was an accident, as many of my recipes are ;-)  I like accidents like this, a little bit of spontaneity and surprise....just when you think something has gone totally wrong it morphs into something totally new. This began life as an idea for a drippy chocolate sauce, but as I stirred the agave in it began to thicken...oh no....oh yes! You note in the method that I have stated 'melt the cacao until it has melted but not overheated' since one batch I made compromised the texture when it went beyond its optimum, I still used it, it was just harder to handle.

I have now experimented with this idea a few more times, its so simple and you can make small batches so it is the perfect base for experiments and flavour combos....go ahead and throw you own ideas into the comments section! If you have an idea for me to try let me know.

almond and roasted hazelnut and peppermint with sprinkles!

Recipe: Chocolate Slices


1/2 cup raw cacao chip/chunks
4 tbs agave
1 tsp almond, peppermint or orange extract
pinch stevia
2 tbs topping/mix ins e.g toasted hazelnuts or almonds, desiccated coconut sprinkles, chopped dried fruit


Melt the raw cacoa on the stove or in the microwave until melted BUT before it begins to go hard and 'grainy'.

Mix in all ingredients other than topping. Mix well until the mixture begins to stiffen.

Spoon onto a layer of non-stick parchment and place another layer over the top. Using a rolling pin, roll out to a even rectangle approx. 3mm thick. Slice into squares (or use a cutter for other shapes), and sprinkle with toppings pressed lightly into the surface.

Chill until solid.

raw cacao chunks

For further guidance on making gluten free choices please see this post.

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